Friday, February 11, 2011

Creating a Color Scheme for the Whole House (part 1)

Even though we don't officially have this house yet, I am already planning paint colors for the whole house. There are several reasons I'm doing this.

1. I want the colors in our house to flow/go together. The easiest way for me to do that is to plan it all out up front.

2. We have already had a ton of family members tell us to hold a painting party after we close and before we move. They all offered to come help us paint and with as many volunteers as we have the whole house should be painted in a day. So, I need to have colors ready to go.

3. I am really excited about being able to decorate a whole house, so I just want to plan and think!

When I sat down to work on this color scheme I had a few color ideas, but wasn't sure how to tie them together.

-I loved this picture (sorry, no reference because I've had it saved on my computer for several months) and knew I wanted to use this paint color. We decided to use it in the bedroom because I didn't want that bold of a color in our living room and hallway.

- I knew I wanted to keep the decor and color scheme from our living room because most of the stuff was purchased recently. We have turquoise, bright green, and orange accents in there now.

- I want to (eventually) do a back splash in our kitchen in green subway tile like this.

- We decided to paint our office in a deep purple with mustard yellow accents.

So this is where I started. Part 2 will show how I picked all the colors for our new home.

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