Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our plans for the house

We have some big plans for this house that will take a while to get done. I am just going to share all of our plans, but I'll give you a sort of idea for time frame.

- Trim the trees lining the drive way so you can see the house! (already done)
- Pressure wash the house and decks. Seal the decks. (Done)
- Paint the front door (soon)
- Replace the mailbox (soon)
- Landscape around the front porch (probably this fall)
- Tear down the back porch and rebuild a porch or stone patio (next year)
- Plant a few trees in the back yard (next year)
- Landscape the existing flowerbed in the backyard (soon)
- Plant a garden (depends on when everything we want to grow needs to be planted, might be next year)
- Get furniture for the front porch (not a priority)

Living room:
- Paint (done)
- Get a new couch (next year)
- Turn a dresser into a TV stand (in the works)
- Get an entry table (next year)
- Buy some floating shelves (this month)
- Make curtains (soon)

-Paint (done)
- Replace countertops (end of the year)
- Paint cabinets (later this year)
- Install a tile backsplash (next year)
- Get a new dining table (hopefully this year sometime)
- Make a curtain (soon)

Hall Bathroom:
- Replace countertop (2013)
- Paint (done)
- Make curtain (soon)
- Decorate (soon)
- Replace builders mirror (in the works)
- Replace light fixture (not a priority)

Our bedroom:
- Paint (done)
- Decorate (in the works...on going project)
- DIY a headboard (soon)
- Get some side tables - hopefully from thrift (this year)
- replace vanity with something more bedroomy (next year)
- replace builders mirror (in the works)
- Replace light fixture (not a priority)

Our bathroom:
- paint (done)
- Make a curtain (soon)
- replace toilet seat (very, very soon)

Both bedrooms:
- paint (done)
- Decorate (ongoing project)

I probably left a lot of stuff out, but this is the idea. There will be a lot of DIY-ing going on and I will be posting it all. Keep checking in!

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