Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sprucing up "my" bathroom- for cheap!

One of the things Michael and I were so excited about with getting a house is having 2 separate bathrooms! The hall bathroom is "mine" and the one in our bedroom is "his". Of course we share occasionally.

I made a few small and cheap changes in my bathroom that made a huge difference. First off we removed all the wallpaper and painted along with the rest of the house. The color is Swanky Gray by Sherwin Williams. Then I brought in some stuff from our old bathroom - shower curtain, rugs, flowers, and candles. That was already a huge improvement.

Since we took down the huge frameless mirror to paint I decided to go ahead and replace it. I found this mirror at Home Goods for $35! It fits the space perfectly and adds a lot of personality.

Next, I spray painted the light fixture and cabinet hardware (previously brassy gold) with my handy Krylon Metalic Silver spray paint. I LOVE this stuff! I'm usually not a good spray painter, but this glides on and drys so quick. I took everything off, put on 2 coats of paint, and put it back on in about an hour.

That's all I've done to the bathroom so far. I really, really hate the countertops, but they will have to stay for a while. I was lucky because our old shower curtain had so many colors that it matched the countertops okay. I still want to put some art on the wall across from the mirror.



I know these pictures aren't the greatest. It was a really hard room to get good angles.

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  1. Great job! I love the framed mirror! Looks very pretty!