Friday, June 3, 2011

Current State of our house- Part 1

As I've mentioned before we did a lot of work to the house before we moved in (removing wallpaper, painted the entire interior, cleaned and cleaned). Then, we moved all the furniture in and started unpacking and hanging stuff. So, I wanted to do some before and afters of all the rooms in the house. None of the rooms are finished, but they have come a long way from when we bought the house. Then, I can just do posts on each new project we take on. You've already seen the hallway bathroom. Today I will be showing you the living room, master bedroom, and a sneak peek at our super messy office. Monday I will be showing the kitchen, and Harrison's room.

Living room before:

Living room now:
Wall that is shared with kitchen (TV will be mounted eventually)
 To the left of this picture is our front door. (I just finished up some curtains for this window and WOW! Post coming next week)
 Front door and entry table (I want to get a longer rectangle entry table eventually). This picture shows the best representation of the actual wall color.
 Blank wall that I have big plans for. Transformation hopefully happening this weekend with a post next week.
Master bedroom before: Ugly border!

Master bedroom now: The thing hanging on the left is a jewelry box. My mom is putting picutres in it for me. Hope to be working on a headboard really soon. There is a window to the left, but I didn't get a picture of it. Curtains will be coming soon for this room too! And matching night stands.
 Directly across from the bed is this half wall. To the left is our vanity area. See the night stand in the picture above? This dresser was in the same set. I painted it and changed the hardware a while back. Love it!
 My closet (Michael is using the one in the office. This house could use larger closets!) To the right is a small blank wall. I'm not sure what to do with it yet, but it needs something.
The vanity area before:
And now:
I love the tray ceilings in our bedroom. You can't see it in the previous pictures. I replaced this mirror as well. I will be spray painting the handles and light fixture soon. To the right is a very small bathroom that I can't get a good picture of.
And this is what our office looks like right now: Our old headboard, part of our desk set, and lots of boxes and junk. We keep this door closed.
I had another post with all the colors, but just in case: (all paint is Sherwin Williams) Living room: Shagreen;   Master bedroom: Mountain Stream; Office: Swanky Gray.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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