Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 Home Goals

We have another baby boy on the way! My due date is February 14th. So, while we have many things we hope to accomplish around the house this year, I also want to be flexible. It's been a while since we've had a newborn and this time we will have a 4 year old at the same time. I'm not really sure how much spare time we will have around. LOL! And my family is my first priority- always.

I still want to get down in writing all the projects we have talked about doing this year. Mainly because I like to cross off things. It is a great feeling crossing something off a to do list! I hope we can get a good deal of these done, but if not they can always go on next year's list.

In 2011 we were moving in, unpacking, and just settling into owning our first home. In 2012 I slowly worked on decorating each room and reorganizing things to what works best for us. Every room in the house is decorated now except for the kitchen (and there is a reason for that). We are ready in 2013 to take on some more major projects and make the house work even better for us.

In no particular order:

- We plan to remove the wall between our living room and eat in kitchen making one big "great room".  We still aren't sure if we are going to hire this out or DIY it. My dad has removed a load bearing wall in his house, so it is possible for us to do. I think we will get some quotes and then decided. This is the main reason we haven't done much to the kitchen yet.

- Installing hardwood floors in the hall and great room. Not only because the flooring is in bad condition but also because our floors creak something awful! So we will be adding tons of screws into the sub flooring to hopefully repair that issue. This will be a DIY project for sure!

- Paint the exterior of our house. We are thinking a grey on the siding and white shutters. We also need to repaint the railings on our front porch which are already white. I would also like to do a little sprucing to our garage door.

- Repair the gate to our backyard. This is in preparation for getting a dog. My husband and son have been begging for a while! Our gate pulls together, but it's off a little and it doesn't latch.

- Update the kitchen. I would like to paint the cabinets, get new hardware, install butcher block counter tops, get a new sink, and build a banquet to go on the wall by the laundry door.

- DIY/ Replace lighting throughout the house. We have way too many boob lights and brass lighting in our house! I have some plans for almost every room. Some lighting will be painted, some will be replaced with DIY lighting, and I'm hoping I can find some new lighting on clearance for some rooms.

I'm very excited about what's in store for our house this year! I can't wait to get that wall removed. I can just picture how much bigger and brighter everything is going to look.

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