Saturday, January 12, 2013

House Tour: Harrison's Room

I thought we would start off our house tour with our son's room because it was his 4th birthday this week! There aren't any before pictures because it was a white room with beige carpet - not much to take pictures of. We let him pick the wall color when we first moved in. I have just slowly worked on his room and I'm finally considering it done other than needing a light fixture. Here's how it looks now...

We got Harrison's bed off Craigslist for $100! It is solid wood and we love having the drawers built in. It's a great space saver. We were able to move his dresser out and add some great toy storage. It was originally a honey oak color, so I sanded it down and painted it. It was a major pain because it took 4 coats and some of the pieces were double sided, so I worked on it for quite a while. I love the way it turned out though-it was all worth it!
We got this vinyl sticker from Simply Said and it adds so much to the room.

We got the shelf and bins at Target and it offers great toy storage. I was really surprised by how many toys it holds. I need to make some kind of picture labels on the front for easier clean up.
Harrison's room doesn't really have a theme. It's just full of stuff he loves. Mickey is one of his favorites. My mom found the print on the left and I painted a frame for it. The Cat in the Hat picture my husband traced and colored. I traced the bottom picture which is from our favorite book "The Going to Bed Book".
Next to Harrison's bed I added a reading corner. He doesn't really use it yet, but I think he will one day. The chair is actually very comfortable.
The other side of the room is the play section. My mother in law found the vintage Mickey and Minnie at an antique store. We got the World War II airplane poster at a naval museum.
Harrison's room fits him perfectly and he loves it!

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