Monday, April 18, 2011

Holly's Cameras: A History

I guess it all started in 11th grade when I borrowed my parents new state of the art digital camera. This was when digital was still really new and they had paid a lot of money for this camera. I dropped it on a tile floor. OOPS! But it worked fine once I picked it up, so I didn't tell them. About a week later it started messing up, so I had to tell them what happened. They had to take it to be repaired.

Then for my senior gift my parents bought me a really nice camera. A film camera because I was determined digital would not last- I mean the pictures looked horrible! This camera was awesome. I took it to prom and graduation. Then, it quit working for no reason. My dad had lost the receipt, so we couldn't get it fixed on warranty. The repair shop said there was no repairing it.

My mom gave me her old digital camera when she got a new one. It hasn't worked since she gave it to me. She said it worked fine for her.

My husband has a DSLR camera that he got for an awesome deal when our local Circuit City closed. He bought a nice bag for it that said it would protect it from a 10 foot drop! I had the camera with me in his truck one day and while going around a curve it leaned up against the passenger's door. I forgot, opened the door, and the camera (inside the bag) hit the road. It broke the lens and we had to buy a new one. Luckily the camera body wasn't damaged.

So I didn't want to use the DSLR ever again after that. My husband loves that camera and we were starting to see a pattern with me and cameras. So for my birthday last year DH bought me a $100 Kodak point and shoot camera. We had a snow day in January and I put the camera in my hoodie pocket, then had a jacket over the hoodie that was zipped up. While doing a snow angel the camera somehow slide out of that pocket and past the jacket, then I stepped on it when I got up. The screen is shattered.

So, as you can imagine, it took me a lot of time to talk my husband into letting me get another camera. But with having a toddler and getting a house, there is a lot I want to take pictures of. So this week we are going to H.H. Gregg to get a cheap-o camera they have on sale for $50! I can finally start putting pictures on the blog! Just in time for closing day. I'm sure they will be crappy quality, but please understand I cannot be trusted with a nice camera!


  1. Haha! I have the SAME problem! I drop and break everything! I got a nice camera from Best Buy but put the protection plan on it that protects it from anything under the sun (drops included) for three years. That should come in handy for me! :)

  2. Ooo, I didn't know they had that. I will have to check into it.