Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tomorrow's the day!

Tomorrow is closing day! We thought this day would never come. Also, tonight I am getting my new camera (poor thing has no idea what's coming). So that means that there will be pictures of our new place coming really soon - probably Friday.

Then, Saturday we are having a fun filled day of stripping wallpaper. We have a border in the kitchen and bedroom. Both bathrooms are wall to wall paper. And the kitchen has the bottom half of the wall papered. But, our wonderful parents are coming to help us, so hopefully it won't be too bad.

The next Saturday we are having a painting party. Also during these 2 weekends or sometime in between we need/hope to: replace the garage door motor, repair our gate, pressure wash the outside of the house, trim up some wild folage, and do lots of caulking. I will be reporting back with pictures of everything! We haven't done most of this stuff before.

I have already started packing and we will be moving boxes over everytime we go over there. The next Saturday we plan to move the rest of our stuff from the in-law's house. Eventually we have a lot of stuff to get out of storage.

Then, we will probably rest for a weekend....maybe. So, check back for lots of pictures and work!

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