Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mission Organization: Harrison's Closet

 When I started organizing the linen closet last week I ended up working on Harrison's closet too. I had worked on it not long ago, but it gets messy so easily! It wasn't as much of an undertaking though. I didn't take everything out. I just rearranged a little to make it look nicer and make it easier for Harrison to get to his toys and for us to get to his books.

Top shelf was too-big clothes, jackets, box of coloring books.

Next shelf: box full of candy that I have no idea what to do with, books, diapers (for nighttime), Awana's bag.

Third shelf: games.

Fourth shelf: large toys and a box of outgrown clothes (I toss stuff in there as I come across it in his drawer. Once it's full I fill a large tubberware container to store for future use.



Top shelf: Too big clothes

Next shelf: Books and that stinkin box of candy. What do you do with candy that everyone buys for your kid? Harrison gets tons and tons of candy and he never eats it!

Third shelf: blocks, puzzles, Alphie, and coloring books

Bottom shelf: bigger toys and the box of outgrown clothes

And now just because I enjoy it - side by sides:

It makes me so happy to have a freshly organized space!

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