Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mission Organization: Linen Closet

 It was raining this weekend, so we didn't get to work on the garage. But, I still tackled some organization projects. I've learned that whenever I get an itch to do a project I better do it because the motivation doesn't usually last long.
I took on the linen closet first because it has been bothering me for a while. Since our house is so small we have to make every nook and cranny work well for us. The linen closet has a ton of jobs. It holds games, towels, craft items, pictures, a box of cables, and hubby's shoes.
Here are the top 2 shelves before:
 And the bottom 2 shelves before:
The first thing I did was take everything out. I weeded out trash and items that could be donated. We had a ton of gift bags, so I kept some and passed the rest to my mom. Then, some items got moved to other locations. It's funny how one organization project usually turns into several. Like wanting to move the printer paper into the desk brought on organizing the desk drawer. 
Then, I took a look at everything left and worked out how it would work for us best. I worked on Harrison's closet at the same time (post to come next week) so that I could keep like items together. Before the adult games were in this closet and his games were in his closet. I decided to keep them all in this closet and I moved coloring books to Harrison's closet.
Now the afters! Top 2 shelves:
To the left are all the boxed adult games and to the far right are all of the boxed kid games. The middle basket is full of smaller (cards) or odd shaped (bop it) games and play doh.
The next shelf is for towels. The left is supposed to be where the regular towels go, but we are out. Oops! The middle is hand towels in the back and wash clothes in the front. The white container is baby wash clothes and beside it are hooded towels. In the back are beach towels.
The bottom 2 shelves after:
Starting on the left side: The monkey bag is full of gift bags and tissue paper. The wicker box is full of cards. Then there is a poker set that wouldn't fit up top and a ton of candles behind that. The far right is a box full of cables, a box of larger photos, and some batting.
Then there are Hubby's shoes and our step stool.
Now for side by side comparisons for fun!
Ahhh, so much better! I am much happier!

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