Monday, June 17, 2013

June Challenge: Outside task list

We are just going to jump right in with the list of things we want to do to the outside of the house.

  1. Pressure wash the house
  2. Sand and repaint the porch railings
  3. Stain/seal the back deck (we built it last year, but haven't sealed it since the waiting period for pre-treated wood)
  4. Finish the back deck handrail (We put the first post up and never finished)
  5. Lay weed block on the "new" flowerbed out front
  6. Mulch the flower bed
  7. Demo "rose garden" in the back (we inherited it and it's just too much work for us. We don't like the landscape timber border and the roses are too sticky for the kids. We are going to demo the vines and replant the knockout rose bush we planted last year)
  8. Replant knockout rose in a planter on the front porch
  9. Burn our burn pile
  10. Finish setting up the grill area in the backyard (We bought stones last year to make an area, but just put them down and nothing else happened. We need to level the ground, lay weed block, and probably lay sand, then relay the stone)
  11. Fix gate (I have no idea how we are going to do this or how much it will cost. They are too heavy. I know we have to level the ground, but I don't know what else we need to do yet.)
  12. Make a place for the hose
  13. Get outdoor table from my mom (my mom wanted to get rid of her outdoor table and chair set. I'm so glad to inherit it. It's in great condition - it was on a screened in porch.)
  14. DIY or buy new chair cushions (because Kody, our puppy, tore them open :( 
  15. Replace bush that died in front bed (behind the lilies)
  16. Paint back door
  17. DIY some table d├ęcor
So, that's it. Should be enough to keep us busy for the month. I don't think all of these things will be done by the end of June, but I want to get all the front of the house stuff done at least.

Oh, and we were going to paint the outside of the house. I'm very sad to say, that's a no-go. We did some reading on the Sherwin Williams Vinyl Safe paint and it's got really bad reviews. Apparently you can paint a darker color on your vinyl, but only like 1 shade darker. So, we couldn't go dark blue like we wanted. We are thinking of painting the shutters blue instead, but we aren't sure.

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