Friday, June 14, 2013

Short garage update

We succeeded in painting the garage last weekend! I'm kind of shocked. LOL! It love it! Even though it's just one wall, it makes a big difference. It will be even better when we completely finish the garage and I start parking in there. It will be great to walk through there every day.
Our plans have kind of changed for the garage. In all the moving and cleaning and painting we saw tons of crazy bugs out there (spiders of all shapes and sizes, centipedes, and others I don't know the names of) and rat pellets...ewww. It got me thinking that I really don't want to store the diaper bags and our shoes and jackets out there. We plan to spray for bugs and set some mouse traps, but even so, I just don't want that stuff out there. I'm coming up with a new plan for a "drop zone". And it will be even more space. I'm really excited about it although I'm not sure when it will happen.
So, here's how things are looking with our garage list:
1.      Move storage items to papaw and mamaw’s attic (We are very thankful to have a huge area to store items for free at my grandparent's house)
2.      Clean out garage- tossing trash and bringing house items in
3.      Transfer leftover paint to smaller containers
4.      Install hooks to store items on the wall: power tools, bike, weed eater, etc.
5.      Paint the door and add vinyl saying
6.      Clean the floor really well
7.      Create “mudroom” area
a.      Paint strips on the wall to match door
b.      Mirror
c.       Shelf for keys, wallet, piggy bank, etc.
d.      Hooks for jackets, backpack, diaper bag, etc.
e.       Shoe storage
8. Cover/paint steps
9. Welcome mat at steps
10. Install cat door and create pet area
                 a. Storage containers for both foods and litter
                 b. Move litter box and food bowls out
                 c. Crate

It feels so good to mark things off a list, doesn't it! The cat door installation is in progress.

The rest off the garage is being put on hold for a bit. The outside of our house has been bothering me for a while. Neither of us loves working outside and when you have small kids the only time to get stuff done is when they are in bed. And, when they are in bed it's usually dark. So, the outside gets neglected. But, we really wanted to tackle it this season. It also helped that iHeart Organizing decided to make June's Challenge the great outdoors! And another motivator is I decided to have an Origami Owl party at our house the first weekend of July. So, the outside is our priority for the month of June. 

But, here's a snippet of the garage paint job as promised!

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