Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Trimming the trees

One of the first projects I did was trimming up the Crape Myrtles lining our driveway. They can get out of control if you let them. We like to keep them trimmed for several reasons. One, we don't want branches hitting our cars every time we drive in and out. Two, the last one can make it hard to see on-coming cars when we are backing out. And three, it's easier for hubby to mow around if he isn't getting hit in the face. LOL!

It isn't a hard task at all, just a little sweaty and time consuming. I used Friskers tree trimmers and trimmed any branch that would hit me if I didn't dunk.


And after:

Isn't that so much better! It is so much nicer backing out of the driveway -I can tell you that. And, it makes the front of our house look much more polished too.

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