Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mission Organization: Middle Bathroom Cabinets

I keep all of my stuff in the middle bathroom and it was driving me crazy lately! I had to tackle it over the weekend. I'm so happy with the results.

Before pics:

I started by taking everything out of the cabinets. I grouped items as I was going. Then I had this:

I had a huge trash pile in the top right hand corner and I also had a big pile of baby stuff that I decided to move to Benji's closet. After bagging the trash and moving everything that wasn't staying I had this:

Looking better already! I bought these from Wal-Mart ($5 each pack of 3). Also, you can see the 2 baskets to the left that I already owned.

Ready for the after's?

Right cabinet: Straightener and curler, Harrison's bath toys, and hot curlers way in the back (I don't use them much).

Middle Cabinet: Humidifier in the back, Trash can, air freshener, yellow box holds shaving supplies, brown basket holds first aid items.

And my favorite cabinet: All my bins filled with organized goodness!

Right side drawers: one hair drawer and one tooth/Michael's stuff drawer (most of his stuff is in our other bathroom, but sometimes he gets ready in "my" bathroom if Benji is still asleep in our room)

My morning routine and makeup drawer

I like how organized the drawers are, but I need to get some clear trays to keep them organized. Everything slides around right now. Especially my makeup. I want to get clear so I can spruce them up with fun scrapbook paper.

I decided to move all my nail polish to this cool box. I got this box with nothing particular in mind- I just loved it. It was at Home Goods. I had it in the bedroom, but moved it to the bathroom. It also has some sample face stuff in it.

How it looks closed and on the counter. I also have a basket holding my nighttime face wash and my toner.

So, what do you think? Been doing any bathroom organizing at your house? Are you like me and deal for a while then just get fed up?

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