Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mission Organization: Bedroom Bathroom Cabinets

The bathroom in our bedroom is "Michael's". He keeps most of his bathroom stuff in there and uses that shower. He doesn't really require much. I was looking for a place inside the house to keep all our paint. It's not supposed to be kept in the garage and we needed it to be stored else where. So, I decided to purge hubby's stuff and take over the rest of the bathroom cabinets! He was totally cool with it by the way.

Here's how they looked before (I went ahead and organized the drawers while I was at it)

There was quite a bit of trash in there. Like the other bathroom I pulled everything out- threw things away and made piles. Larger items were put in the right cabinet.

The middle cabinet became storage for paint cans (they are all small cans)

The left cabinet is my spray paint and a few mason jars of paint for touch ups - I didn't want to keep the large cans. I only kept gallon size can that was full and it's in the back.

The left drawer is all the extras of items.

And the right are his everyday items.

This was such a quick project. It took less than 15 minutes to organize! And now we have a good place to store our paint.

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